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Mill Start-Up, Installation, and Operation

Because mill equipment is complex and requires tight tolerance alignment, our customers do not usually have the means or ability to do the work themselves. When working with competing mill manufacturers, you can expect to hire an outside company to complete the mill start-up and installation. In contrast, here at T. Sendzimir, Inc., we believe in fully taking care of our customers, which is why we’ve developed a service department that not only provides instruction and advice on any and all mechanical aspects of mill installation, but is with you every step of the way when it comes to mill start-up.

Trustworthy Experts for Your Mill Installation & Start-Up

Our engineers understand the subtle details of installing a Sendzimir mill—details that even the mill builder may not know. We understand the order of operations for mill assembly. If assembly is not done properly, problems, such as leaking seals, may arise further down the road.

Sendzimir’s mill installation service can include supervision of the entire installation, or it can be limited to periodic advisory visits. Usually, our services are called for when an installation is nearing completion. The service engineers will review crucial questions with the builders and management to ascertain that nothing has been overlooked. Additionally, we offer classes for the foreman, operators, helpers, and roll grinding operators.

Start-Up Supervision

When an installation is close to completion, the main work of our service department will normally commence. Our typical mill start-up duties involve going over crucial questions with builders and management to ensure that key mill operation points have not been overlooked. At the mill, we also check and properly set hydraulics for screw-down, winders, coil lifters, carriages, wipers, pressure boards, side guides, coolant systems, and more.

Operation Training

What you can expect from Sendzimir Operations Training:

  • We explain the difference between small work roll operations and 4-High operations if applicable, ensuring that the major differences of operation are well understood.
  • Sendzimir explains the mill’s parts and their functions, such as:
    • Screwdown
    • Rolls and Roll Crowning Techniques
    • Taper Grinding on the First Intermediate Rolls
    • Crown Adjustment Manipulation
    • Side Eccentric Settings
    • Hydraulics, Coolant System, etc.
  • Training operators on rolling:
    • Explanations on the pass reduction logic
    • Explanations on total reduction capabilities
    • We discuss shape and factors relative to shape
    • Discussions on surface luster and factors relative to surface luster
    • Sendzimir teaches the science of successfully rolling with high speed, etc.

Optical Alignment Services

Sendzimir now offers optical alignment services conducted with our state-of-the-art equipment. These integral pieces of equipment include optical instruments, such as jig transits, precision levels, alignment telescopes, and additional accessories which are required to align a mill to as close as .001 of an inch.

Beyond our equipment, our engineers and field technicians are highly experienced and ready to help with all of your alignment needs. We are available to schedule optical alignment services to minimize your downtime. Whether the challenge is measurement or alignment, Sendzimir engineers have the technology and technical expertise and the equipment to get your job done in a timely manner.