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Process Line Z High Mills

Sendzimir originally introduced the Process Line Z-High design as a mill that can function in-line with an annealing and pickling line for stainless steels at the beginning of the process line. Our first installation was at Nyby-Bruk in Sweden as a single stand without any strip cleaning prior to the mill. Surprisingly, strip quality out of the pickle line was quite saleable! There have been numerous and far more sophisticated installations since then, including a high-reduction, stand-alone, single-pass Z-High.

Advantages of Process Line Z High Mills

Explore the extensive advantages that are associated with Sendzimir’s own Process Line Z High mills!

Uniquely Designed

The Process Line Z-High® mill is the only mill capable of reducing and finishing hot-rolled stainless material directly to thin gauges in an in-line process. Sendzimir’s Process Line Z-High® mill work roll is large enough to take a significant draft reduction (H1-H2) on heavier gauges (8 – 10 mm) without skidding, while at the same time having a sufficiently small diameter work roll to get down to thinner gauges (1+ mm). Reductions in stainless steel of up to 35% per stand have been documented in our Process Line Z-High mills. There is no other mill capable of this!

Continuous Production

The lightweight, chockless work roll can be exchanged in under a minute with strip in the mill, ensuring virtually nonstop performance in a continuous production situation with a short-time strip accumulator upstream. Minimized production downtime means greater production yields for you; This is why Sendzimir has prioritized the innovative design of mills that go on to create solutions for our customers.

Tandem Mill Construction

The Process Line Z-High can be operated as a single stand, but also has been supplied numerous times in tandem mill installations. These installations have been double, triple, or even four-stand tandem mills with a Z-High in each stand.

Solid Mechanical Solution

Unlike other designs, the Sendzimir Z-High is a solid mechanical connection throughout. Front and rear intermediate chocks are mechanically connected to each other. Moreover, the entire cluster arrangement is mechanically aligned and cannot fall out of alignment at any time.

Process Line Z-High Mills

No Other Mill Builders Have Our Experience In The Design Of In-line Z-High mills. Call Us Today and Discover What We Can Do For You!