KZR Double-As-U

Revolutionizing Shape Control in Mill Rolling

At Sendzimir, we’re proud to introduce our innovative KZR Double-As-U concept, a unique design developed by Mr. Kajiwara at our Tokyo Office, hence the name “KZR.” This design was conceived to significantly enhance the shape control ability of the mill rolling process. Uniquely, this design controls the secondary eccentrics of the “A” and “B” shafts together as a unit, with shafts “C” and “D” also being controlled together. The outcome is an unmatched degree of crown-in/crown-out shape control.

The KZR Double-As-U Advantage

Unlike our segmented backing assemblies, our KZR Double-As-U assembly shafts are solid, and therefore, they cannot bend into any complex shape other than a simple parabola. This unique feature ensures a predictable and consistent range of performance, making it the ideal choice for projects that require a smaller adjustment range.

High Productivity

One of the most impressive benefits of our KZR Double-As-U design is its ability to offer high productivity rates. Thanks to our improved shape control, we can provide higher rolling speeds, leading to greater production rates. Furthermore, our design allows for higher percentage reductions without negatively impacting the shape of the strip. This makes the KZR Double-As-U especially suited for intermediate gauge high-production rolling mills where the amplitude of shape meter control is critically important.

Design Durability

Another key advantage of our KZR Double-As-U mills is their durability. Although shafts “A” and “D” receive a comparatively higher percentage of the roll separating force than the “B” and “C” shafts, our standard backing assembly design continues to function flawlessly over an extended service life. This has been verified through extensive analysis and numerous long-running installations.

High Product Quality

The KZR Double-As-U mill accelerates the rolling process, ensures an incredibly accurate strip shape, and maintains precise strip thickness. Like our standard 20 High Mills, the work roll gap is still controlled by screw-down racks rotating the B&C backing assemblies.

Ease of Operation

Our KZR Double-As-U design offers several control algorithms, including an “A+B” plus “C+D” additive shape control solution and an “A+B” minus “C+D” shape control solution.

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