ZS Sheet Mill

The Superiority of the ZS Sheet Mill

The ZS Sheet Mill, also known as Sendzimir’s Type 1-2 mill, is a specialized rolling mill designed to produce high-quality sheets. This mill surpasses conventional mills in maintaining superior gauge tolerance, ensuring greater accuracy in the finished product.

How it Works

The ZS Sheet Mill operates with two driven work rolls supported by four backing bearing assemblies, all housed within Sendzimir’s robust and compact housing. The ZS Mills are uniquely equipped with a secondary crown adjustment at each backing assembly saddle. This power-operated adjustment enables changes to the sheet’s shape across its width. Two hydraulic cylinders on the operator and drive sides facilitate control over screw-down.

Warm Rolling Capabilities

The ZS Sheet mill is versatile and can accommodate warm rolling of materials challenging or unsuitable to roll cold. We have designed mills to work with materials at temperatures up to roughly 600ºF (315ºC) while maintaining the mill temperature at about 300ºF (150ºC). Furthermore, our technology can operate at even higher temperatures with newly developed lubricants.

Advantages of Sendzimir's ZS Sheet Mills

The benefits of our ZS Sheet Mills are numerous:

Superior Gauge Tolerance

Our innovative design allows the ZS Sheet Mills to achieve superior gauge tolerance, providing precise measurements during high-speed productions and yielding high-quality finished products.

Cost-Efficiency and Compact Design

The ZS Sheet Mill offers higher reductions in a significantly smaller package than a 4-high mill, leading to cost savings. It is lighter and requires a smaller footprint, maximizing the efficient use of space.


A ZS Sheet Mill can also function as a strip mill. It can be configured for both reversing and one-way operations. They can be equipped with strip guards, sprays, pressure boards, and roller side guides when supplied as strip mills.

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