FlexPivot Tensiometer

Innovative Design of the FlexPivot Tensiometer at T. Sendzimir, Inc.

At T. Sendzimir, Inc., we’ve engineered the FlexPivot Tensiometer with a distinguishing feature – a flexure pivot bearing block in its pivoting arm. This innovative mechanism adeptly compensates for wrap angle errors, offering precise measurements from an empty mandrel to a full coil diameter.

The Sendzimir Advantage: FlexPivot Tensiometer

The FlexPivot Tensiometer epitomizes Sendzimir’s commitment to progressive technological solutions, delivering several key advantages:


We at Sendzimir prioritize offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. The FlexPivot Tensiometer is a testament to this ethos, delivering top-notch performance at an affordable price.

Compact and Versatile

Designed with space efficiency, the FlexPivot Tensiometer can conveniently fit into spaces where traditional designs might struggle. Its compact nature allows for easy retrofitting into existing mills. Moreover, this tensiometer is commendable for its simplicity – it has no moving parts!

Hysteresis Elimination

The FlexPivot Tensiometer effectively eliminates hysteresis, a common issue in tension measurements caused by pivot friction and material constraints. This device ensures accurate and reliable readings through thoughtful material selection and a frictionless pivot point.

Accurate Wrap Angle Compensation

Precision is at the heart of our FlexPivot Tensiometers. They offer high linearity and minimal wrap angle compensation error, ensuring zero error at mid-coil and negligible error (5-7% nominally) at empty mandrel and full coil.

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