Innovation By Design

At T. Sendzimir, we take immense pride in our extensive range of innovative products and capabilities. They are the fruits of our unwavering commitment to quality and technological advancement and serve as a testament to our relentless dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our esteemed customers.

20-High Mill
Our unique 20-High Mills feature a small, chockless work roll and cluster roll configuration supported by backing assemblies, along with complementary products.
Cold Reversing Z-High Mills
Sendzimir Z-High® Mills have been developed to combine the advantages of the Sendzimir cluster-type rolling mill with those of the 4-High.
Process Line Z-High Mills
Our Process Line Z-High® Mill is the only design capable of reducing incoming stainless steel hot band to cold-roll gauge in a single pass.
In Sendzimir mills, this instrument provides real-time feedback on the profile of the material, a vital function since tension in the strip makes visual inspection impossible.
Winder Mandrels
T. Sendzimir has established itself as a leader in winder technology with over 120 pairs of controlled collapse winder mandrels designed.
FlexPivot Tensiometer
Our unique “Flexpivot” Tensiometer features a pivoting arm with a flexure pivot bearing block that compensates for wrap angle error.
Wiping Systems
Sendzimir’s pollastrelli wipers are ingeniously designed not to scratch the surface of the strip, unlike other contact wiper designs.
Planetary Mill
Patented in 1954, planetary mills have seen a resurgence due to the rise of mini-mills and a shift away from expensive thin slab casting
Carousel Coiler
Our unique Carousel Coiler is a state-of-the-art device that enables continuous coiling of strips.
ZS Sheet Mill
Utilizes two driven work rolls and four backing bearing assemblies enclosed in the rigid and compact Sendzimir housing.
ZH Skinpass Mill
Stands out for its affordability while delivering impressive shape control and speedy work roll changes.
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