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About T. Sendzimir, Inc.

Founded in the early 1950’s by the Polish inventor, Tadeusz Sendzimir, our business started in association with ARMCO. Originally called the “Armzen” company, it was later renamed to the now globally recognized, T. Sendzimir, Inc.

Our first product lines, invented and patented by the company founder, were created for hot-dipped galvanizing lines. T. Sendzimir, Inc. then moved on to mastering cluster mill technology, eventually becoming known worldwide for cold reversing steel mills.

Overall, T. Sendzimir, Inc. helped completely alter the technological processes of steel-making over the last six decades. Tadeusz Sendzimir personally held over 120 patents, 73 of which were awarded to him in the United States, setting a tone of innovation for our company from the start.

In total, T. Sendzimir, Inc. now has over 400 cluster mills to our credit, as well as 78 Z-High® Mills and 16 Planetary mills in over 43 countries. The company’s engineers have been awarded over 100 patents.

A Legacy You Can Trust

After Tadeusz Sendzimir retired from his position as company head, T. Sendzimir, Inc. continued to be a family affair, being chaired by Michael Sendzimir from 1975 until 2007. During Michael’s career, he traveled to countless countries to promote Sendzimir’s cluster mill technology.

As a man who was born and raised into the industry, Michael Sendzimir became the foremost authority in the world on multi-roll rolling mills for flat products, and was one of the principal leaders in the conception, development, adaptation, and commercialization of the Sendzimir cold strip mill. Today, Michael’s son, Tad, serves as company President and continues the legacy of innovation started by his Grandfather.

Looking To The Future

Tadeusz Sendzimir typified the traditional American success story: a hard-working immigrant imbued with initiative and daring to achieve his dream in a nation labeled “the land of opportunity.” That spirit of courageous ambition and ingenuity lives on through T. Sendzimir, Inc.; this is evident by the way our company continues to lead innovation in steel-making processes, even after numerous decades in the industry.