Machine Design Projects

Pioneering Machine Design at Sendzimir

At Sendzimir, we are more than just a manufacturer – we are pioneers in machine design. With a rich history of creating unique and effective mechanical engineering concepts, we have the expertise to bring your innovative ideas to life.

Diverse Portfolio and Industry Expertise

We have a diverse portfolio of successful machine designs across various industries. While our primary focus lies in the steel industry, our skills extend to light machine design and other industrial processes. Our groundbreaking designs in electrical drive control and automation equipment have significantly transformed the landscape of our industry.

Collaborative Machine Design and Custom Solutions

Our new machine designs are not always stand-alone projects. Often, we work collaboratively with licensed builders or directly with our customers to meet their specific needs. For example, we have designed a rolling process for the cold shaping of compressor blades for jet engines, and we have developed rocker mills, pendulum mills, turret design scale breakers, cartridge mills, hot mill edgers, and servo-hydraulic cylinder retrofits for mechanical systems.

Collaborative Approach to Problem Solving

At Sendzimir, the best solutions are born from collaboration and open dialogue. Whether you’re looking for support on an ongoing project or exploring potential future improvements, we would be delighted to brainstorm with you and help bring your vision to reality.

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