Mill Installation, Startup & Operation

Expert Guidance and Support for Mill Start-Up and Installation

Complex mill equipment requires meticulous alignment and precise installation. The process often surpasses the capabilities of many of our clients. In contrast to other mill manufacturers that would outsource the mill start-up and installation process, we at T. Sendzimir, Inc. are committed to providing a holistic service. Our service department is dedicated to guiding and supporting you through every stage of mill start-up and installation, offering expert advice and handling all mechanical aspects of mill assembly.

Entrust Your Mill Installation and Start-Up to Reliable Experts

Our engineers understand the intricacies of setting up a Sendzimir mill, a knowledge that surpasses even the most seasoned mill builders. We are aware of the sequential protocol that mill assembly requires. If not adhered to, it may lead to issues like leaking seals in the future.

Depending on your needs, Sendzimir’s mill installation service can oversee the entire installation or provide periodic advisory visits. Our services are usually sought when an installation is nearing completion. Our service engineers will engage in critical discussions with the builders and management to ensure no detail has been missed. We also train foremen, operators, helpers, and roll-grinding operators.

Start-Up Supervision

As your installation approaches completion, our service department’s principal work begins. Our mill start-up duties typically involve reviewing critical questions with builders and management to ensure no aspect of mill operation has been overlooked. On-site, we verify and adequately set up hydraulics for screw-downs, winders, coil lifters, carriages, wipers, pressure boards, side guides, coolant systems, and more.

Operation Training

Our in-depth Sendzimir Operations Training includes:

  • Elucidating the distinction between small work roll operations and 4-High operations, if applicable.

    • This will familiarize you with the mill’s components and functions, such as screw-down, roll, and roll crowning techniques, taper grinding on the first intermediate rolls, crown adjustment manipulation, side eccentric settings, hydraulics, and the coolant system.
  • Training on rolling, encompassing discussions on pass reduction logic, total reduction capabilities, shape and factors relative to shape, and surface luster and factors relative to surface luster.

  • Teaching the science of successfully rolling at high speed, etc.

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