Spare Parts for All Mills & Ancillaries

Commitment to Quality in Spare Parts Manufacturing

At T. Sendzimir, Inc., we are committed to perfection in every aspect of our business, including the manufacture of spare parts. Our attention to detail is second to none, as we continually improve our processes to ensure that our parts are manufactured to the highest tolerances. We don’t cut corners to save costs—instead, we enhance the tolerances and hardness levels of the parts we replace. As a result, our parts outlast others on the market, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and downtime.

Why Choose Our Spare Parts?

Each Sendzimir mill comprises thousands of individual parts, each specifically designed for that particular mill. T. Sendzimir, Inc. boasts an extensive inventory of spare components, ensuring that genuine, high-quality replacement parts are always within reach.

Our vast inventory sets us apart from our competitors. With a broad range of parts readily available, we can ship almost any component directly to your facilities without delay, eliminating the need to wait for part production.

Expertise in Spare Part Production

In the rare event that you require a part not currently in our inventory, rest assured that the team at Sendzimir is dedicated to replicating or improving upon the design of replacement parts, whether that be a single screw or a complete set of backing assemblies. We distribute mechanical spare parts to customers across the globe. Our continuous improvements throughout our equipment’s manufacturing life often allow us to recommend alternative materials or improved designs that can upgrade your machinery.

Overview of Parts Options
Overview of Parts Options

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Why Choose us

Innovation is our business.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. has been in business for over 60 years, with experience in Hot and Cold Rolling Mills for carbon, stainless steel, and non-ferrous Rolling Mills. In that time, the company has become best known for its cold reversing steel mills designed to roll stainless and other unique or hard-to-roll materials. 

We market our designs and equipment worldwide through a network of licensees and agents as well as taking direct orders for specialized projects.


T. Sendzimir would like to present all of the products and capabilities afforded to our current customers and to our potential new customers.


Sendzimir offers a wide variety of resources to our customers from whitepapers to manuals. Explore these resources and get the most out of your Sendzimir products.

Mill Services

With over 500 installations and 100 patents, T. Sendzimir, Inc. knows how to install equipment, make it work, and even improve it. Our engineers are adept at getting new equipment up and running and are similarly skilled in trouble-shooting and problem-solving existing installations.

History & Milestones

Our company’s rich history was set in motion in 1929, the year Tadeusz Sendzimir left for America. Having been fascinated by machinery since childhood, Sendzimir designed galvanizing lines in both Butler, Pennsylvania and Middletown, Ohio with the ARMCO company.