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From Sendzimir 20-High Cluster Mills, to Z-High Retrofits, T. Sendzimir, Inc. is a dynamic mechanical engineering firm dedicated to the improvement of machine design and rolling processes. Our innovative staff of engineers and designers have considerable depth of experience in solving some of our customer's most perplexing problems. We welcome inquiries dealing with your rolling mill or your metal working machinery, doing most any manufacturing process from anywhere in the world.

Sendzimir Rolling Mill Technology and Machine Design

Over 60 years of experience in Hot and Cold Rolling Mills for carbon, stainless steel, and non-ferrous Rolling Mills. Our precision cold rolling mills have name brand recognition worldwide for gauge accuracy, flatness of strip shape, and ultrathin gauge. Before 90% of the world's stainless steel strip is used, it is precision rolled to exact thickness using Sendzimir rolling technology – no matter whether it is produced in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Europe, India, Australia, or South Africa.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. designs and builds high quality rolling mills and various sub-assemblies for 20-High ZR™ Mills and Z-Highs™ such as retrofits to existing rolling mills and new wiping systems for all mills.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. has worked with well-known companies in the USA, Europe, Japan and Asia to develop new processes or machine technology – mostly in the metals working area, though we have done numerous projects in paper and plastics or strip feed, transfer, and processing. We are your confidential source for new development projects!

T. Sendzimir, Inc. has many, many years of experience in machine design and welcomes customer inquiries for new design development. We use constant design improvement techniques to stay in touch with the latest commercial improvements such as sensor technology or material selection, for instance.

Contact us today, for your rolling mill or machine design needs!

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