Standard Backing Assemblies

Unmatched Performance, Unwavering Confidence

At Sendzimir Inc., we take immense pride in the top-tier performance of our innovative Flex Backing Assemblies and our reliable Standard Backing Assemblies. We are confident in their ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Standard Backing Assemblies incorporate modified backing assemblies and a finely tuned upper idler roll. This practical design significantly enhances new and existing mills. The culmination of years of meticulous research, our method maintains the rigid “die-like” capability of the Zero-crown monoblock housing while facilitating a much broader degree of internal mill shape control by applying cutting-edge machining techniques.

Distinguishing Features of Our Standard Backing Assemblies

Unlike our segmented backing assemblies, our standard backing assembly shafts are solid and will not bend into any complex shape other than a simple parabola. This characteristic ensures a predictable and consistent range of performance, ideally suited for projects requiring a smaller adjustment range.

Figure 1 illustrates the maximum and minimum extents of this parabolic shape adjustment, also known as second-order shape control.

Figure 1

Global Recognition for Standard Backing Assemblies

Our dedication to innovation and quality has earned Sendzimir’s standard backing assemblies worldwide recognition. Beyond our American customer base, we proudly serve customers across Europe and Asia with our high-quality standard backing system. This international reputation is a testament to Sendzimir’s rigorous adherence to quality standards. Regardless of your business’s location, T. Sendzimir Inc. guarantees optimized efficiency and superior product quality.

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