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Wiping Systems

Pollastrelli Wipers were originally developed as a retrofit using undersized old work rolls. Since then, Sendzimir has supplied numerous wipers with new mill installations and we’ve designed custom applications for high-speed, thin gauges, and semi-automated removal systems.

A Closer Look at the Pollastrelli Wiper System

The original Pollastrelli Wiper design consists of a 3-roll wiper design with 2 rolls above the strip and one roll below. In recent years, however, we have made substantial innovations to the 4-roll wiper design (2 rolls above the strips; 2 rolls below) including new design bearing yokes, new spring loading, and variable pressure designs.

Each Pollastrelli Wiper roll is supported across its axial length by numerous caster bearings. This design ensures uniform support across the width, allowing the rolls to conform to the shape of the strip. The entire Pollastrelli wiper assembly is mounted on spring-loaded guides, causing the wiper to “float” and enable varying passline heights. Wider mills are supported on variable height hydraulic positioners.

Coolant nozzles are mounted on the upper pollastrelli wiper assembly back towards the mill housing side. The coolant nozzles direct the existing coolant back towards the mill housing, forming an effective dam and directing the effluent to the front door and back plates. Air nozzles are supplied for edge blow offs on narrower mills and are specially designed with low noise generation.

T. Sendzimir, Inc, also designs:

  • Standard 2-Roll 3M roller wipers
  • Large Diameter chock supported 3-Roll, Roller Wipers
  • Vacuum assist wipers
  • Standard hose type wipers
  • A proprietary design 2-roll wiper using a small diameter 3M roll as the wiping medium. More information upon request!
  • Multiple wiper configuration assemblies of any of the above.
  • Specialty 3-Roll designs for high speed/thin gauge applications.

If you have a spare unit, then we can make these changes to the spare and change out each unit until a complete redesign has been achieved on all Pollastrelli wiper units. Please call for more information.

The Pollastrelli Wiper Advantage

Cost Efficiency

Compare Pollastrelli Wipers against your current cost of maintaining contact type wipers. Based on 50” mills, our calculations show that the pollastrelli wiper system will pay for itself in as little as 12 months of operation. Cost of operation after this time is limited to re-grinding the rolls every 3 to 6 weeks of operation—based on a 3-shift operation.

Scratch Resistance

Pollastrelli Wipers will not scratch the surface of the strip, unlike various other contact wiper designs. The small diameter rolls have low inertia, and therefore, fast acceleration/deceleration times which will not skid against the surface of the strip.

Time Efficiency

Our smaller rolls wipe more effectively because they cut through the oil film better than a large diameter roll. These rolls can also be changed out more easily and can be re-ground more cheaply. There is considerably less maintenance and downtime involved with the Pollastrelli design than any other contact wiper, saving you valuable time.


Wiper rolls are supported continuously along their length thereby ensuring uniform wiping action. This in turn allows for a consistently milled end product.

Custom & Compact

Pollastrelli wipers are compact and can be fitted into a smaller space than previous wiper designs. In most cases, they will be an exact replacement for existing hose wiper applications. Sendzimir emphasizes a tailor-made approach, which is why we work so that Pollastrelli Wipers can be custom configured to your application—for heavy finish gauges, for intermediate gauges and/or for very thin gauges.

Ease of Use

Pollastrelli Wipers assemblies are designed for ease of maintenance and installation. These wipers can be supplied with a quick change platform, or, depending upon space requirements, can be changed by porter bar or fork lift depending upon size (strip width) and application.  Use new Super Pollastrelli Wiper Design and Edge Relief for narrow strip rolling, variable wiping pressure across the width of the strip, and for the added benefit of easy to remove cartridges that are optimal for maintenance processes.

Thin Gauge Operations

4-Roll Pollastrelli Wipers are available for very thin gauge operations. This wiper is designed to change from 3-roll to 4-roll operation on-line and during rolling as required.

With well over 100 systems in operation world-wide, Sendzimir’s Pollastrelli Wiper System is the equipment best suited for your business!