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Carousel Coiler

The Carousel Coiler was originally developed and built to use in conjunction with the Planetary Mill, and thus, are often supplied for hot mill applications. However, they can also be easily adapted to accommodate continuous cold rolling applications. The carousel coiler can also be used in annealing lines, galvanizing lines, leveling lines, coating lines, pickling lines, hot tandem mill installations, and cold tandem mill installations.

How The Carousel Coiler Works

The Carousel Coiler is a unique device that allows for continuous coiling of strip. The equipment begins in the receiving position with a belt wrapper raised, wrapping around the coiling mandrel. Next, the belt wrapper retracts and coils in process.

While coiling continues, the entire carousel drum is rotated 180 degrees counter-clockwise, positioning the full coil in the stripping position and the empty mandrel in the receiving position for the front end of the next strip length to be coiled. Once coiling on the full mandrel is completed, the power is switched over to the ready empty mandrel while the finished coil is stripped and the next coiling cycle begins.

The Inherent Advantages Offered by the Carousel Coiler

There are a wide variety of reasons to invest in Carousel Coilers, several of which are highlighted below:

Cost Efficiency

Sendzimir is known for providing products that reduce cost for the customer while never sacrificing quality. The Carousel Coiler is an example of our cost-efficient pieces of equipment, enabling not only Lower Equipment Cost, but lower foundation cost as well, because Sendzimir covers all of your bases.

Compact Design

Sendzimir Inc. designed our Carousel Coiler with space efficiency in mind, enabling it to fit in many places where the old design would not. Compared to a set of dual discrete winders and belt wrapper, this installation takes up half the floor space!

Time Efficiency

The Sendzimir Coil Loader-Stripper and Transport System are both key components of the Carousel Coiler. These characteristics, among others, optimize production efficiency, ensuring that all of your projects can be accomplished in a timely manner.

Common Drives

Both mandrels operate with a common drive, simplifying the Carousel Coiler production process. When you partner with Sendzimir Inc., you have the benefit of working with superior products that never overcomplicate the manufacturing process.

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