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Zero Crown Housing

 The Zero Crown housing is one of the many unique inventions that bolsters Sendzimir’s worldwide reputation for innovation. Designed to allow the mill housing to stretch uniformly under load, this original piece of Sendzimir equipment has already aided a multitude of customers in their rolling mill projects.

Time Tested Zero Crown Housing Design

The Sendzimir Zero Crown housing has stood the test of time in concept and design. Nevertheless, this idea of strong side frames and a tapered top and bottom has withstood the testing of newer technical analyses as they become available, including finite element analysis that has further reinforced the validity of this housing structure. While Sendzimir constantly seeks to invent new ways to serve the industry, Zero Crown housing is an aspect of our manufacturing process that continues to set the industry standards, already reaching heights that are difficult to improve upon.

The Zero Crown Housing is world renowned for having a very high mill modulus. No other 20-High design can come close to the strength and rigidity this housing is known for.

How It Works

The Zero Crown housing design allows the housing to stretch uniformly under load through a combination of side frame deflection and transverse slab deflection. This unique way of maintaining uniform force along the full length of the work rolls ensures “zero-crown” contour across the entire strip width. Additionally, the design reduced the amount of material required for the housing, while still maintaining a better shape profile of the strip, making Zero Crown housing a well-rounded provider of benefits.

Continued Excellence

There have been over 122 Zero Crown Housings built worldwide in addition to the T. Sendzimir, Inc. Licensees that all use this basic design.

Zero Crown Housing Advantages

  • The Mill Housing of our Zero Crown concept works like a “die,” being much stiffer than any other cluster mill design.
  • Uniform expansion across the strip width under load.
  • Significant shape control capability using opposed 1st 1R tapers and As-U-Roll Crown Control (Secondary Backing Assembly eccentrics)
  • Most of the mill flexibility is within the mill rolls – not the housing.

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