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Spare & Replacement Parts

We manufacture spare parts to exacting tolerances and use quality control procedures to improve our process continually. We don’t take manufacturing shortcuts to save money—we provide better tolerances and hardness levels for the part we replace. Our parts last longer and hold up better, minimizing the maintenance work and downtime experienced on your end.

Spare Parts

Why Buy Your Spare Parts From Us?

Thousands of parts make up a typical Sendzimir mill—each one specifically designed for that particular mill. T. Sendzimir, Inc. maintains an expansive inventory of thousands of spare components, making genuine, quality replacement parts easily accessible.

Our exhaustive inventory sets Sendzimir apart from other providers. We are uniquely capable of shipping almost any part to your facilities immediately because we almost never need to wait on part production.

Spare Parts Production

Suppose you do require a part that is not currently in our inventory. In that case, the Sendzimir team is committed to duplicating or improving upon the design of new replacement parts, whether you order a replacement screw or a complete set of backing assemblies. We supply mechanical spare parts to customers all over the world. We have made numerous improvements over the manufacturing life of our equipment. In many cases, we can suggest different materials or better designs to upgrade your machinery.

Overview of Parts Options

We maintain stock of typical wear parts for all our mill models (with the exception of mill rolls). Please call us for more information.