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Repair and Renovation of Backing Assemblies

While T. Sendzimir Inc. manufactures new backing assemblies, we also provide a repair and renovation service where you can send us your worn-out backing assemblies for an inspection analysis and reconditioning process.

Backing Assembly and Bearing Inspections or Refurbishment

The Importance of Smoothly Operating Backing Assemblies

Backing assemblies are the “heart” of your cluster mill. As one of the most vital pieces of equipment in a mill, these assemblies must be manufactured and maintained to exacting quality standards.

Backing assemblies are high-wear products that require timely inspection and repair. Just as a washing machine needs servicing every several years, so do backing assemblies. Put the heart of your machine in the trustworthy hands of T. Sendzimir Inc., and we will get your operations back in pristine condition in no time!

Our Examination Process for Backing Assemblies Repair

We can quote new backing assemblies for your mill, or we can recondition your used assemblies if possible. We have even initiated new manufacturing techniques for some mill sections to make the assemblies stronger, less expensive, and longer-lasting. After bringing them into our USA-based shop for tear-down and analysis, we will issue a detailed report back to the customer.

Our Repair Process for Backing Assemblies

All saddles are measured for section height with respect to each other for each shaft (eight in total). Sometimes for highly worn backing assemblies, we can mix and match opposing backing assembly shaft assemblies with each other to obtain better section height relationships. In other cases, we can manufacture one or two new saddle assemblies to replace worn-out positions.

We receive your backing assemblies in our shop, and first remove the saddles from the shafts and then record the section height for each saddle assembly. Next, we degrease and clean the exterior. We then take photographs of each piece of equipment for your records. We disassemble each saddle assembly and examine internal wear surfaces.

Once repaired and renovated, your backing assemblies are re-assembled and thoroughly inspected before being sent back to your facilities and returned to production.

Backing Assembly and Bearing Inspections or Refurbishment

Get Your Rolling Mill Back In Top Condition Today—Call T. Sendzimir Inc. For All of Your Backing Assembly Repair and Renovation Needs!