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FlexPivot Tensiometer

T. Sendzimir, Inc. developed the “FlexPivot” Tensiometer in which the pivoting arm comprises a flexure pivot bearing block. This device appears quite like a standard bearing block, but it compensates for wrap angle error from empty mandrel up to full coil diameter.

The Sendzimir FlexPivot Tensiometer Innovation

With Sendzimir’s new take on tensiometer technology, our company was able to offer the industry a wide variety of advanced characteristics:

Lower Cost

Sendzimir is known for providing products that reduce costs for the customer while never sacrificing quality. The FlexPivot Tensiometer is yet another example of our cost efficient pieces of equipment.

Compact Construction

Sendzimir has designed our FlexPivot Tensiometers with space efficiency in mind, specifically enabling them to fit in many places where the old design would not. Our tensiometers also provide ease of retrofit to existing mills as well. Most notably, the FlexoPivot Tensiometer has no moving parts!

Elimination of Hysteresis

Hysteresis is induced by pivot friction and material constraints. The FlexPivot Tensiometer eliminates this type of error by intelligent use of material selection and a frictionless pivot point.

Wrap Angle Compensation

Our FlexPivot Tensiometers operate with precision, using design elements that produce high linearity. Our equipment provides minimal wrap angle compensation error, with zero error at mid coil and minimal error (5-7% nominally) at empty mandrel and full coil.

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