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Planetary Mill

The Planetary mill was Sendzimir’s 29th patent in 1954. In many respects, this machine was way ahead of its time technically. It is true that it was a machine for the times with many customers looking to make no more than perhaps a million tons/year. However, later on, the hot tandem mill took over to make 5 or more million tons per year, and the Planetary mill lost some advantage. Today, with many mini-mills coming to life, and many corporations not willing to pay into thin slab casting, the Planetary mill is again a machine for the times.

Planetary Mill Design Differences

The name itself points out that the Planetary Mill has a unique design structure. The term “planetary” is derived from the arrangement of the rolls around the periphery of each backing roll—a plurality of working rolls are arranged as satellites.

The Planetary mill borrows some very essential and primary design ideas from the cold 20-high mill—namely that a small working roll with a high specific pressure can take a higher reduction than a larger 4-High Work Roll. The Planetary mill is capable of taking as much as a 97% reduction on a hot slab in a single pass.

The structure of the work rolls around the Back-Up roll gives structural rigidity to the small diameter work rolls. This arrangement of rolls allows for very high reductions in a relatively small machine size—ultimately leading to greater efficiency and precision.

Planetary Mill

Standard Planetary Sizes

**Coming Soon: A table of standard PL mill sizes with basic design parameters.**

Saving Our Customers Money with Planetary Mills

Since that first original design, over 26 Sendzimir Planetary mills have been manufactured and put into use worldwide. Our mill design has many advantages, but the primary benefits that Sendzimir uniquely offers is lower cost compared to a tandem hot mill line-up as well as compact design. Other manufacturers charge prices that can overwhelm your manufacturing budget before production even starts. With Sendzimir, we innovate products that give our customers affordable solutions.

Sendzimir finds the balance between cost efficiency and quality reliability too, so that your purchase from us never needs to be a gamble.

Ease of Use

Along with cost efficiency, Sendzimir builds planetary mills that are easy to operate. Saving you time and energy is yet another way that Sendzimir makes our clients’ lives simpler. Cleaning and upkeep of our planetary mills is uncomplicated, reducing any downtime your production would experience due to planetary mill maintenance.

Sendzimir Inc. Works to Make Your Life Easier in Everything We Do. Let Us Uncomplicate the Milling Process for You. Get in Touch with Us About Planetary Mills Today!