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The Hot Z-High® Mill

The Hot Z-High® mill concept revamps the classical mill by using a system that uses a much smaller work roll. This new configuration allows the operator to take heavier reductions per pass in addition to achieving thinner gauges. A better surface can be produced with our Hot Z-High® mills because work rolls can be changed quickly. Moreover, the intermediate rolls are equipped with axial displacement and tapered edge relief, which provides excellent shape control.

Sendzimir’s in-line Hot Z-High® mill is the only mill capable of reducing and finishing hot-rolled materials directly to thin gauges from thin or thick slab casters.

The Hot Z-High® is the only rolling mill that will take a large reduction on relatively thick strip for hard-to-roll materials, such as stainless steel or high-strength, low-alloy materials, or medium- and high-carbon steels, due to the diameter of the work roll.

Hot Z-High® Mills Achieve Superior Results

Our company engineers foresaw the benefit of high-value-added, thin-gauge strips being produced continuously and directly from a continuous thin-strip caster, and so the Hot Z-High® mill was created.

Hot Z-High® Mills Allow for Continuous Operation

Coils of indefinite length are possible with the Hot Z-High® design since the entire system is capable of synchronization. Modifications were made to the Z-High® Mill to make it compatible with operating conditions within the continuous casting environment. The lightweight, chockless work roll can be exchanged in under a minute with a strip in the mill, thus ensuring virtually nonstop performance in a continuous production situation.

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