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New Machine Design

Sendzimir is a company that can handle new machinery concepts that have not been designed and built before.

In the past we have designed, developed and put into practical operation a variety of mechanical engineering concepts. At times, we produced these new machine designs independently, and at other times we worked together with licensed builders, or collaborated with our customers. Our dedication to constantly improving upon the machinery that keeps our industry running is what sets Sendzimir apart from the rest.

Our machine design expertise covers a number of industries. While we are centric to the steel industry, we also cover light machine design and industrial processes as well. Notable new mechanical designs that we have produced include electrical drive control and automation equipment, which have greatly revolutionized our industry.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. has worked on numerous specialized machine design projects–some initiated as new designs by our own engineering department and some developed in collaboration with and at the request of our customers for their specific needs. We have worked on a rolling process to cold shape compressor blades for jet engines, for instance. We have also worked on rocker mills, pendulum mills, turret design scale breakers, cartridge mills, hot mill edgers, servo hydraulic cylinder retrofits to mechanical systems, and on countless other projects.

Sendzimir welcomes inquiries about new machine design improvements. We are available to brainstorm with customers concerning ongoing machine design projects or regarding desired future improvements.