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KZR Double-As-U

The KZR Concept was developed at our Tokyo Office (Sendzimir Japan) by Mr. Kajiwara, hence the name “KZR.” The goal of the KZR mill design was to provide superior shape control ability for the mill rolling process. This design is unique in that the secondary eccentrics of the “A” and “B” shafts together as a unit, with shafts “C” and “D” likewise being controlled together. The result is a far greater degree of crown-in/crown-out shape control.

The KZR Double-As-U Advantage

Our standard backing assembly shafts are solid and therefore will not bend in any complex shape other than the simple parabola. This characteristic means that this backing assembly system does not allow for the same dramatic position changes available with our flexible backing assemblies, but instead offers a predictable and consistent range for projects with smaller adjustment range needs.

KZR Double-As-U
KZR Double-As-U
KZR Double-As-U

High Productivity

A big draw of our KZR Double-As-U is that the design allows for impressively high productivity rates. Because of our improved shape control, we are able to offer Higher Rolling Speed as well, thus offering greater production rates. We can also offer higher percentage reductions without degrading the shape of the strip. Moreover, the KZR Double-As-U is highly suited for intermediate gauge high production rolling mills where the amplitude of shape meter control is of critical importance.

Design Durability

Still looking for a reason to invest in our KZR Double-As-U mills? The design of this mill provides yet another key advantage to your mill operations: Durability. When you order a Sendzimir-made mill, you can be confident that it will have the same notable durability as our standard 20-High mills.

Sendzimir has done an extensive analysis of the effects on the backing assemblies and has concluded that even though shafts “A” and “D” receive a comparatively higher percentage of the roll separating force than the “B” and “C” shafts. Nevertheless, our standard design of backing assembly will function flawlessly for a long service life. In fact, this analysis has been born out with numerous installations operating for many years.

High Product Quality

The KZR Double-As-U mill does not simply speed up the rolling process—it provides incredibly accurate strip shape and maintains precise strip thickness. The work roll gap is still controlled by screwdown racks rotating the B&C backing assemblies, as on our standard 20 High Mills.

Ease of Operation

Several control algorithms are available, including an “A+B” plus “C+D” additive shape control solution, and an “A+B” minus “C+D” shape control solution.

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