Upgrade Your Mill With A Z-High® Insert!

Upgrade Your Mill With A Z-High® Insert!
Sendzimir Can Retrofit Your 4-High Into A Z-High®
A Retrofit to your current 4-High Mill can have many advantages:
  • Thinner Gauges
  • Improved strip shape control
  • Fast work roll change
  • Superior surface
  • Better flatness
  • Savings in annealing costs
  • 78 Z-Highs built to date!
4-High Mill vs. Z-High

Click here to find out how to be the 79th Z-High!

With the ever tightening product quality standards imposed upon producers of steel and nonferrous
strip today, as well as the requirement for increased production of existing mills, many companies are considering the purchase of new equipment to replace aging 4-High
mills and upgrade their capability. However, the ever-increasing capital costs involved with
the purchase of new Cold Rolling Mills, often either prevents or indefinitely postpones such a
project. Companies who can benefit from this new design are those that need to roll to
increasingly thinner gauges that their existing 4-Highs cannot currently achieve, or, situations
where newer High Strength Alloys need to be rolled that the existing 4-High cannot roll, cost
effectively. The addition of the Z-High® insert should open up new sales areas and profit