Carousel Coiler

The Carousel Coiler was developed and built for the Planetary Mill.

The Carousel Coiler is a unique device that allows for continuous coiling of strip.

Carousel Coiler

The image to the left shows:

  1. Coiler in receiving position with belt wrapper raised and around the coiling mandrel.
  2. Belt wrapper retracted and coiling in process.
  3. While coiling continues, the entire carousel drum is rotated 180 degrees counter-clockwise, thereby positioning the full coil in the stripping position and the empty mandrel in the receiving position for the front end of the next strip length to be coiled.
  4. Coiling on the full mandrel being completed, the power is switched to the ready empty mandrel while the finished coil is stripped and the next coiling cycle begins.

Carousel coilers have been supplied for hot mill applications but can also be easily adapted for a continuous cold rolling application. The carousel coiler can also be used in annealing lines, galvanizing lines, leveling lines, coating lines, pickling lines, hot tandem mill installations, cold tandem mill installations.

The carousel coiler offers the inherent advantages of: