About T. Sendzimir, Inc.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. has been in business for over 55 years and is best known for its cold reversing steel mills designed to roll stainless and other hard to roll or exotic materials. We market our designs and equipment worldwide through a network of licensees and agents. Our Waterbury, Connecticut office is committed to improving the quality of our machines through innovations in design and content to improve production efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

In recent years, we have developed the Z-High®Insert which has also led to a development in high reduction Z-High® Inserts at the entry end of hot A&P Process Lines.

Founded in the early 1950's by the Polish inventor, Tadeusz Sendzimir (born 1894), the business started in association with ARMCO as the "Armzen" company; later changing its name to T. Sendzimir, Inc. The first product lines were for hot-dipped galvanizing lines, for which the company's founder was the inventor and patent holder. The company then moved into cluster mill technology, eventually becoming known worldwide for its cold reversing steel mills designed to roll stainless and other hard-to-roll exotic materials. In recent years, the development of the Z-High® Mill has led to the use of high-reduction Z-High®inserts at the entry end of A/P process lines.

In total, Sendzimir now has over 265 cluster mills to our credit as well as 55 Z-High® Mills and 16 Planetary mills in over 43 countries. The company's engineers have been awarded over 100 patents.

Our company was chaired by Michael Sendzimir from 1975 until 2007. During Michael's career, he traveled to almost every country in the world to promote the cluster mill technology. Today, Michael's son Thaddeus serves as company President and continues the legacy of innovation started by his Grandfather.

Within the last few years a new and unique application of Sendzimir Z-High® Mills for very heavy reduction on hot strip directly in the front section of stainless A&P lines has been developed as a totally new concept. The Z-High®mill uses the same concept as the 20-High cluster mill - a small diameter work roll imparting a high specific pressure on a small area of the strip. The fully processed stainless coils can then be sold directly off-the-line; they can be slit and used for welded pipes or can be further cold rolled. The capacity of the existing cold mills can thusly be increased very substantially - and the cost per ton reduced accordingly.

Sendzimir also produces planetary hot strip mills that can roll slabs in hot rolled coils. Such heavy single reduction mills are ideal for coupling directly in tandem to a thin slab caster and can roll non-stop incoming coils just before the coiler at the end of the line.

Indeed, this will be the next generation of the true mini-mills and recent agreements with mill builders in Europe intend to re-introduce the one-pass one-way hot rolling concept.