Mill Installation

New Mill Design and Installations

Mill Installation

Because the equipment on large mills is heavy, the customer does not usually have the means or ability to install it. Normally an outside company is hired for the mill erection. Here the T. Sendzimir, Inc. service department can give instructions and certain advice on any and all of the mechanical aspects.

Our engineers know the subtle details of installing a Sendzimir mill - details that even the mill builder may not know. Certain components must be assembled in specific ways, paying careful attention to details. If the assembly is not done properly, problems may arise further down the road.

This is one of the instances where the expertise of the T. Sendzimir, Inc. Service department comes in.

Sendzimir's mill installation service can include supervision of an entire installation or periodic advisory visits. Usually, our services are called for when an installation is nearing completion. The service engineers will review crucial questions with the builders and management to ascertain that nothing has been overlooked, and will run classes for the foreman, operators, helpers, and roll grinding operators.

Stage 1 - Installation Supervision

When an installation is close to completion, the main work of our service department will normally commence. Basic overview of our duties is as follows:

Stage 2 - Training operators on rolling

At the mill, we check and properly set hydraulics for screwdown, winders, coil lifters, carriages, wipers, pressure boards, side guides, coolant system etc.

Used Equipment and Relocations

Sometimes the customer will purchase a used mill and will ask T. Sendzimir, Inc. for help to put the mill into operation. This may consist of the same as described above for a new mill. The difference will be to carefully check all the parts, to see if they are in useable condition and if they are within tolerances. If certain parts are in poor condition we would advise whether or not to replace and/or rebuild them.