Machine Design

Over the last 60 years in business, T. Sendzimir, Inc. has worked on numerous specialized machine design projects – some initiated by our own design department and some developed in collaboration with other customers for their specific needs.

Some of the machine design projects are still proprietary and some are public. We have worked on a rolling process to cold shape compressor blades for jet engines for instance. We have also worked on Rocker mills, pendulum mills, Turret design scalebreakers, cartridge mills, hot mill edgers, servo hydraulic cylinder retrofits to mechanical systems and on and on.

Our Machine Design expertise covers a number of industries. We are of course centric to the steel industry but we also cover light machine design and industrial processes as well.

We welcome inquiries for new machine design, requests for machine design improvements and are available to brainstorm with customers regarding ongoing machine design projects and/or need areas.