Sendzimir Manual

The Sendzimir manual is based on the real-life experiences of our top mill technicians.

The manual represents 50+ years of servicing Sendzimir mills and other rolling mills and covers the following topics:

Automatic Flatness or Shape Control

Automatic Gauge Control
Controls and Automation
Edges and Trimming
Lubrication and Spraying
Maintenance of Back-up Rolls and Backing Assemblies
Measuring Thickness and Elongation
Metallurgy (annealing and pickling)
Pass Schedules and Rolling Speed

Product Quality
Roll Grinding
Rolling Oil and the Oil Cellar
Rolling Problems
Screwdown and Roll Adjustment
Strip Shape
The Use of Tension
Thickness Variations
Tips for Sendzimir 20-high mills
Types of Mills
Wiping, Pressboard, and Side Guides
Work Roll Gap

Mill operators will benefit from reading this manual. The most effective use, however, is in conjunction with our training services, for which tailor-made one-on-one or one-on-group, on-site seminars of one or more days can be arranged.

For a sample chapter of the manual, give us a call, or please contact us.