ZS Sheet Mill

The ZS Sheet mill (also known as the Type 1-2 mill) utilizes two driven work rolls and four backing bearing assemblies enclosed in the rigid and compact Sendzimir housing.

It is primarily used as a mill for rolling sheets, producing material with a superior gauge tolerance to that obtained on conventional mills. It may also be built to operate as a strip mill. In either case, the mill can be arranged for reversing or one-way operation.

Planetary Mill

ZS mills have been adapted to the warm rolling of materials which are difficult, or undesirable to roll cold. Such mills have been designed to accommodate materials to be rolled at temperatures up to approximately 600ºF (315ºC) with the mill temperature being maintained at approximately 300ºF (150ºC). Higher temperatures can be considered with the development of new lubricants.

The ZS mills have a crown adjustment which can be manually or power operated for changing the shape of the sheet or strip at various points along the widths. Their screwdown can be mechanical or hydraulic. If they are supplied as strip mills, they can be equipped with strip guards and sprays, pressure boards and roller side guides.