ZH Skinpass Mills

Sendzimir Skinpass Mills are are a unique combination of low equipment cost, low foundation cost with sophisticated shape control and quick change work roll (a matter of seconds). T. Sendzimir, Inc. has built a dozen of these mills over the years with three new mills being installed in the last four years.

Planetary Mill

The Sendzimir Skinpass mill consists of a unique design using an lower beam and an upper beam which incorporates a mechanically operated screwdown used for roll gap adjustment and for fast opening of the mill for butt welding of the strip, for example.

Each upper and lower beam acts to support a roll stack cluster in a 1-2-3-4 arrangement similar to our classical 20-high mill design. The backing assemblies are equipped with 10 to 15 bearings in line (depending upon strip width). Work rolls are typically 5.6" (142 mm) in diameter, non-chock supported, non-motorized, and supported along their entire length by the backing assemblies.

The small diameter work rolls have roughly the same ability to transfer the work roll cylinder roughness as a larger diameter 4-High or 2-High mill.

To date, users, as well as studies made by specialized research institutes, such as IRSID in Europe, show no variance in the transfer of roll surface roughness as a function of the roll diameter - the only important factor to this transfer being the working pressure of the mill.

As with our standard 20-High cluster mills, this Skinpass mill uses a small work roll concept to allow for a high contact pressure in along a small working area. Thus the overall size and strength of the mill is reduced compared to a conventional 2-High or 4-High of the same width range.

Main Advantages of the Sendzimir ZH Skinpass Mill

This Skinpass mill is excellent for temper pass rolling, removing the spangles from galvanized steel in a process line or final strip shape correction, etc.