ZR Mill, 20-High Mill, Sendzimir Mill Spare Parts

T. Sendzimir, Inc. stocks some consumable parts for 20-High mills and has short turnaround times for most other machined parts.

Use our genuine spare parts to last longer between downtimes. Stop wasting time with inferior parts!

Backing Assemblies

This is the "heart" of the cluster mill and must be manufactured to exacting quality standards.

for some mill sections we have initiated new manufacturing techniques in order to make the assemblies stronger, less expensive, and longer lasting.

We can quote new assemblies for your mill or we can bring them into our USA shop for tear-down and analysis with a report back to you.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. also has supplied numerous customers worldwide with our new Flexible Backing Assemblies, which allow for a magnitude greater amount of shape control.

We can examine your existing Backing Assemblies for wear and fatigue, and then quote new parts as required. We can supply entire new assemblies. If your rolling mill is unusual or obsolete, we can fabricate new bearings for your mill.

Crown Control

Crown Control systems on 20-High cluster mills tend to take a beating!

Most mills have replaced the older screw jacks with modern servo hydraulic systems.

We offer replacement for the entire crown control system - actuator, crown control rods, and pins and the racks themselves.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. has upgraded many older cluster mills with modern up-to-date servo hydraulic systems.


T. Sendzimir, Inc. offers unique quality metallurgy at competitive pricing for all cluster mill rolls.


1st Intermediate Roll Thrust Coupling

This is a critical design part and can be a chronic breakage item. Over the years, T. Sendzimir, Inc. has designed numerous innovations to the original designs - which may be retrofittable to your mill.

We can manufacture multiple assemblies using the latest CNC machining standards.

Please call us for a quote.

WR Thrust Bearing

These parts have a tendency to wear out over time - especially if the passline has not been set correctly or in there is any lateral thrust in the mill. If you are experiencing premature failures, please call us for help.

We quote all these parts below and keep some in stock.