T. Sendzimir, Inc. stocks some consumable parts for Z-High™ mills and has short turnaround time for most of the other mechanical parts.

Use our genuine spare parts to last longer between down times. Stop wasting time with inferior parts!

The following are representative spare parts for frequently asked for replacements. We supply all spare parts for all Sendzimir Z-High™ mills.

WR Thrust Bearings

These Parts have a tendency to wear out over time - especially if the passline has not been set correctly, of if there is any lateral thrust in the mill. If you are experiencing premature failures, please call us for help.

Side Support Roll Bearings

These bearings should be in matched sets and arranged correctly based on section height. Depending upon the size of the mill, the internal rollers may be caged and renewable. Thus, the inner and outer races can be maintained and only the caged rollers are replaced.

Please call us with any questions. We supply all bearing parts as well as side support roll shafts.


T. Sendzimir, Inc. has exacting standards for all Z-High™ rolls - side support, work rolls, and intermediate rolls. The intermediate roll requires special metallurgy for long life. We used specialized metallurgy.

Please call for a quote.

Cluster Arms

Precision manufactured to exacting standards. Different Z-High™ models have different manufacturing techniques depending upon design. These parts must be manufactured correctly in order for the Z-High™ to roll good strip shape for long life.

IR Chocks

Over time and high usage these parts can wear our - especially in the bearing surfaces. We can supply new chocks, or we can probably refurbish your existing chocks.

Please call us for a quote.

Wear Plates

Specialized Bronze - these parts commonly wear out over time due to normal wear and tear. We can manufacture an entire set or one side. Wear Plates are normally changed out in sets (left and right).

Spare Z-High™ Insert

Most of our customers have an operating and spare insert. Many customers have a third insert as well.

We can also repair or rebuild your existing Z-High™ insert.

Please call us for a quote.