Winder Mandrels

Small Work Roll Mills require higher tension than comparable 4-High mills. As a result, T. Sendzimir, Inc. designed the reverse pyramid winder mandrel for today's high production mills and capable of handling 120,000lbs of tension. Over time, the gripper mandrel segments, the pyramid shaft, the expand/collapse cylinder will need to be replaced or rebuilt.

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We also work on all kinds of mandrel designs!

Design Improvements

We can redesign the grippers for mandrels to minimize the gripper "hump" thus eliminating a major cause of tension instability.

Mandrel Segments

As a general rule, we prefer to work on shaft and segments together as it is important to mate these parts together.

Pyramid Shafts

Our pyramid shafts are specifically designed to handle high contact pressure by using proprietary manufacturing technique.


This device feeds high pressure hydraulic fluid through a rotating union to the mandrel. We have had excellent success with our own designs over the commercial equivalents. This part can be a chronic breakdown part. We manufacture to exacting tolerances that are required for this part to operate correctly.

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