Positionable Sprayboards

Being able to change work rolls quickly and without damaging the strip or the equipment is important. T. Sendzimir, Inc. therefore developed a modification to the sprayboards that uses hydraulic cylinders to raise or lower individual sprays, thus pushing the strip out of the way of the work roll to be changed. This modification facilitates work roll change when the strip is in the mill by making the rolls more accessible.

In the illustration below, the top scenario shows the sprayboards in their rolling position. The middle scenario shows the left sprayboard pushing the strip up in order to provide better access to the bottom work roll. In this case, the top work roll could be either removed or left in the mill, depending on the material that is in the mill. In the bottom scenario, the right sprayboard is pushing the strip down in order to provide better access to the top work roll. Again, the bottom work roll can be removed or left in place.