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April 29, 2016

Sendzimir ZR 67-32 Mill For Sale

32" Sendzimir Cold Reversing Mill in Used Condition

Sendzimir Used Z-High ZR 67-32 Rolling Mill for Sale
Year ............................................................................... 2000
Operation ......................................................Z-High Cold Rolling - Reversing
Material .........................................................Low Carbon, Brass and Copper Alloys,  Aluminum and Stainless

Maximum Starting Gauge (Original) .............................. 0.115 inch
Strip Width - Maximum ................................................. 32.00 inch 

Minimum Finishing Gauge ............................................. 0.002 inch  
Coil Maximum Weight(Original) .................................... 5500 lbs.
Rolling Speed (Original).................................................. 0/1000/1500 fpm 
Mill Stand Powering (Original).......................... 1118 kW @ 0/600/930 RPM
Coolant .......................................................................... Mineral Oil 

Included in sale: mill stand, pinion stand, and mill internals as well as some auxiliaries. Winders and mill powering will be supplied to suit customer application. Please contact for more information.


February 12, 2016

Sendzimir has added a new member our service team!

T. Sendzimir, Inc. is excited to announce that Dave Whalen (formerly of I2S/Tenova) has joined our Mill Service and Installation Department.

Dave Whalen is well known in the rolling mill industry with a career that spans 35 years.


With the addition of Dave to TSINC, we are able to offer an expanded range of mill maintenance, repair and installation services:

· Hydraulic tube bending - repair and new installation

· Mill auxiliaries and ScrewDown hydraulic systems;

· Hydraulic power units and valves; Manufacture and repair of

· Hydraulic S/D Cylinder; Installation or Rebuild on Site

· High pressure welded steel or stainless; Installation of

· Black pipe - air or coolant; Installation of

· Strip Wipers; Installation of and repair

· Gauge (x-ray and gamma); Installation and Repair of

· Tensiometer roll and Load Cells;Installation and repair

· Gearbox;installation and repair

· Mill Internals; Inspection and Repair

· Backing Assembly; New builds, repair and service

Schedule your field visit today. Calendar is booking up fast!!

Optical Alignments and Inspections

Mill Installations

Our field service operators are in hot demand....Get your visit on the calendar today!

As the original inventor and designers of the Sendzimir Mill, we are the best at determining the solution for your mill's requirements - for your production and quality!

T. Sendzimir Inc. offers a wide range of services from operator training to on-site maintenance. Sendzimir has developed a new backing assembly and inspection and repair facility at its Connecticut branch.Whatever the issue with your mill or product Sendzimir will be able to help you.



November 2, 2015

We Just Shipped Out 2 50" Shapemeters This Week!


Sendzimir's Low-Cost Shapemeter Design

Is optimized as a low-cost but incredibly accurate and sensitive shapemeter for a mill. This design also uses static load cells so signal transmission is simple and reliable. The housing is very narrow and can fit into a limited space. Due to the design of the rollers, there is very little "cross-talk" between adjacent load zones.


September 17, 2015


T. Sendzimir, Inc. can help you with your

mill installation or relocation!

Since the equipment on large mills is heavy, a customer does not usually have the means or ability to install it. Normally an outside company is hired for the mill erection. Here the T. Sendzimir, Inc. service department can give instructions and advice on any and all of the mechanical aspects.

Our engineers know the subtle details of installing a Sendzimir mill - details that even the mill builder may not know. Certain components must be assembled in specific ways, paying careful attention to the details. If the assembly is not done properly, problems may arise further down the road. This is one of the instances where the expertise of the T. Sendzimir, Inc. service department comes in.

Sendzimir's mill installation service can include supervision of an entire installation or periodic advisory visits. Usually, our services are called for when an installation is nearing completion. Our service engineers will review crucial questions with the builders and management to ascertain that nothing has been overlooked, and will run classes for the foreman, operators, helpers, and roll grinding operators.

We don't just do installations, we also provide your company with training!

The two major stages in the process to get your mill to rolling condition is:

1) Installation supervision

2) Training operators on rolling

Our service department will be on site to train your staff on how to properly use your new mill to guarantee you will be rolling the best quality strip. Our goal is to help your company succeed!

Used Equipment and Relocations

Sometimes the customer will purchase a used mill and will ask T. Sendzimir, Inc. for help to put the mill into operation. This may consist of the same as described above for a new mill. The difference will be to carefully check all the parts, to see if they are in useable condition and if they are within tolerances. If certain parts are in poor condition we would advise whether or not to replace and/or rebuild them.



August 27, 2015


Would New Wipers Help Your Strip?

If you are struggling with producing a quality finish on your rolling mill, it might be time to look into a wiping system that can help your mill to produce that quality finish you are looking for. With a Sendzimir Pollastrelli Wiping System, you can accomplish just that!

Top features of the Sendzimir Pollastrelli Wiping System are:

-Made of M1 Steel

-Rolls are backed up across their width so they can be made smaller in diameter

-Wipe more effectively

-If rolls are ground down every month they will last 10 years


4-Roll Wiping System

-Flexible coolant dam

-Air blow-offs

-Multiple Pollastrelli Wipers

-Reliable, effective and low maintenance

-Reduces strip temperature

-Heavy springs allows wiper rolls to effectively remove oils and debris

-Strip is flat through the wiping system

-Each roll set is on the same vertical centerline

-Ability to set higher pressures between rolls

-System can be customized according to your exact mill size

3-Roll Wiping System

-Heavier intermediates gauges-greater than 0.015" (0.4mm)

-Lighter springs so the wiper roll does not flex significantly

-Strip bends to the upper rolls for the top surface and the lower roll for the bottom surface (each surface is independently wiped)

-Removes metal slivers before they can be embedded in the strip

-Can be customized according to your exact mill size

Contact T . Sendzimir, Inc. to Order Your Wipers Today!
Call 203-756-4617 or




July 27, 2015

We Are Expanding Our Spare Parts Business!

T. Sendzimir Inc. knows that maintaining your mill is very important. That is why we have upgraded our work shop to be able to service your mill needs with ease. Whether you are looking to order a replacement screw or a completely new set of backing assemblies, T. Sendzimir Inc. is here to provide you with the knowledge and support to get you the parts you need and ensure your mill is running quality strip. Here at T. Sendzimir Inc., our team is committed to improving the design of your mill and all its components!


June 15, 2015

Upgrade Your Mill With A Z-High® Insert!

Sendzimir Can Retrofit Your 4-High Into A Z-High®

A Retrofit to your current 4-High Mill can have many advantages:

With the ever tightening product quality standards imposed upon producers of steel and non-ferrous strip today, as well as the requirement for increased production of existing mills, many companies are considering the purchase of new equipment to replace aging 4-High mills and upgrade their capability. However, the ever increasing capital costs involved with the purchase of new Cold Rolling Mills, often either prevents or indefinitely postpones such a project. Companies who can benefit from this new design are those that need to roll to increasingly thinner gauges that their existing 4-Highs cannot currently achieve, or, situations where newer High Strength Alloys need to be rolled that the existing 4-High cannot roll, cost effectively. The addition of the Z-High® insert should open up new sales areas and profit possibilities.


May 22, 2015

Press Release

Announcing Cooperation Between T. Sendzimir, Inc. and Bearing Service Co. of PA

Bearing Service Co. of PA (BSC) and T. Sendzimir, Inc. (TSINC) announced today a mutual cooperative agreement to market and support each other to better service the steel industry. This industry has been lacking a single source to assist with all backing assembly related services. Clients will no longer need to contact two or more vendors to assist with bearing or saddle repair.

The cooperative agreement between BSC and TSINC provides clients with expertise required in both bearings and backing assemblies. Any client requiring backing assembly services can send their complete backing assemblies, with bearings, to either company. BSC and TSINC will coordinate the logistics to have your bearings and saddles evaluated, inspected, and replaced or repaired as required.

Leaders in their chosen fields, this cooperative agreement finally provides the steel industry with the best combination of bearing and backing assembly support the market has ever seen.

“We are proud to announce that we are now a full service company for both bearings and backing assemblies”, announced Bill Banks of Bearing Service Co. of PA.


March 31, 2015


Brand New ZR 33-18 Saddle Set for Sale!


Upgrade your Saddle Set for your ZR 33-18 Mill.

Brand New ZR 33-18 Saddle Set only a few weeks away from Final Assembly. Get this set in only 6-8 weeks!

Typical lead time in a Brand New Set is 6-8 months.

Contact our Sales Department for a quotation on this New Set!

Phone Number: 203-756-4617


February 2, 2015

Sendzimir visits a customer to Install a New Hydraulic Power Crown on their ZR 33C-18 Mill.

As well as providing New Backing Assemblies.

Customer delighted with installation!

Call us to Retrofit Your Mill.




A Z-high is like a 6-high but uses a non-chock supported work roll (like a 20-high mill). To learn more, click here.

This mill stand is sold as a mill stand and internals only. Drives and winders will be custom engineered per customer requirements.

Contact our Sales Department for more information. or, call 203-756-4617 ext. 108

ZR 67-32




Z-High Cold Rolling


Low Carbon, non-Ferrous Alloys, Aluminum and Copper

Strip Width Maximum

32.00 inch (813mm)

Strip Width Minimum

16.00 inch (406mm)

Maximum Starting Gauge

0.115 inch (2.921m)

Minimum Finishing Gauge

0.008 inch at full width (0.2032mm) (Suggested)

Coil Maximum Weight

5500 lbs (2495kg) (Suggested)

Rolling Speed

0/1000/1500 FPM (Suggested)

Rolling Direction

Reversible Mill

Mill Stand Powering

1118 kW Z 0/600/930 RPM (or greater)


Mineral Oil (Can be converted to soluble oil)





Picture Picture




T. Sendzimir, Inc. is excited to announce the opening of our new on-site Backing Assembly Repair Facility!

We can perform all Maintenance Repair, Section Height and Rebuilding



Our Engineers and field technicians are ready to help with all of your mill alignment needs.

T. Sendzimir, Inc. has years of engineering experience and is now offering optical alignment services with our state of the art equipment.

Our toolbox and talented technicians are at your disposal!

For more information, please contact

Or, call 203-756-4617 ext. 108



In addition to the many technical papers authored by T. Sendzimir, Inc.'s technical staff over the years, we also have a wide variety of interesting and historically significant archival information, which spans our 70 year history about the company and Steel Industry!

Please check back every month for a new article, paper or brochure we think might be of interest to the visitors of our website.

This month we offer a tribute to our company’s founder Mr. Tadeusz Sendzimir from the June 1969 issue of "Armco Today".